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Goodbye dA (Again)

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 1:12 PM
No, really this time.  Here's the deal.  I love to write.  Ever since I started writing my little toad poems several years ago I caught the writing bug, and it's incurable!  But I'm just gonna have to find another venue in which to express myself. Why?  I cannot for the life of me understand why a site such as this that claims a measure of legitimacy would freely allow pornography to mix with the other arts.  I have put in place every safeguard I know of, yet somehow these disgusting and degrading works manage to find me, like a heat-seeking missile.  As a lover of the Bible I just cannot rationalize, justify, or excuse my presence here any longer.  If dA were to separate these works from the mainstream my conscience would be clear.  Here's something to consider: If a ten year old child walked into an adult bookstore and asked to purchase Hustler magazine, could he/she do it?  And yet, despite knowing full well that children freely roam this site, with or without useless mature filters on, the bigwigs of dA somehow see no problem with allowing porno works to be viewed by all.  Look at it from another perspective: There are art houses and museums that feature nude works.  There are art houses and museums that feature a mix of nudes and other works.  Then there are art houses that do not feature any nudes.  Now if I walk into one of the latter houses, browse around, and am approached by the owner who says to me: "I've got just what you want,"  then pulls out a piece from under the desk that features a pornographic pose, would I have a right to be offended?  In any case, I am not in the least interested in such degrading artwork.  It never ceases to amaze me that intelligent women (and men) allow themselves to be exploited in this manner.

There, I said it.  Over the past 2 1/2 years I've tried my best to fulfill this motto with my eclectic mix of works: "Poetry (and other written work) should inform, inspire, educate, or at least entertain (IIEE)."  I would like to think that I've made some of you laugh, some of you cry.  Some of my pieces were written to make you think, some were deliberate nonsense (aka - fun!).  And, perhaps most importantly to me, my journals that focused on spiritual matters were written in the hope that some who have never given the Bible a chance, or perhaps who gave up on religion altogether, or maybe just desired another point of view were inspired and educated.

I will be downloading my poems to my personal files over the next few weeks, so say hi or bye if you like.  This will also allow time for any who wish to download or transfer any of my works to their own files for preservation before I delete them and close my account.  f dA ever changes it's policies and decides to ban all partial and other nudes (best choice) or to at least segregate these works away from the main, I hope someone lets me know.  I will be maintaining my soundcloud account for any are interested (also under tommyboy).

I can't say I personally know any of you, but a few that stand out as something special are Delice, Dianabolique (we laughed, we cried, we fought), shep4life, virnagray, annihaxox and others.  To everyone else I say: Keep up the good work!


p.s.  I just had to use this Spock journal skin.  He said his own goodbye recently, as y'all know.


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"Poetry that has never been read or heard is like a rose that has never been seen or smelled. It may indeed exist, but it has yet to bring pleasure to anyone."

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Hi Tom,

Are you planning to write a feature on false prophets?
I'd be interested in hearing what Jehovah's Witnesses
have to say on the matter.

See False Preachers - list
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