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Children's Stuff!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 22, 2014, 7:28 AM
I like to write about alot of things, but writing for children is my true passion.  I have a children's book finished, a sequel half-complete, and have another started.  As a general rule, my target readers are middle-grade.  I am also an SCBWI member, attending the workshops, hoping to meet the right people.  Of course, there are few, if any, middle graders on dA.  Naturally, that means the kids stiff I submit here doesn't get much attention.  I get that.  Nevertheless, I wanted to dedicate this journal to some of the children's poems, artwork, and story excerpts that I've posted over the past year and a half.  Some of the poems, like Elmer, may make you smile.  Others, like Winky, should make you feel good.  And I'm hoping that a few may just make you laugh out loud.  In any case, please share them with your little ones.  I'd love to hear feedback from them!

The Popsicle Man
Summertime is always so much fun for me,
'cept the day I trashed my bike and skinned my knee.
No one there to help me so I cried: Poor me!
But then I heard that jingle and I counted to three.
Oh, I never wanna miss out on the Popsicle man,
cruisin' down my street in his shiny white van,
Calling out my name like nobody else can,
no, I never wanna miss out on the Popsicle man.
Hot Wheel cars and puppy dogs and candy canes,
sure don't ease the hurt of this broken arm pain.
Today marks the seventh straight day of this rain,
But then I hear that sweet sound comin' down a' my lane...
Oh, I never wanna miss out on the Popsicle man,
cruisin' down my street in his shiny white van.
Calling out my name like nobody else can,
no, I never wanna miss out on the Popsicle man
Oh I never will forget about the Popsicle man,
momma told me once she thought his name was Stan.
Trying all the flavors was my single game plan,
no, I never will forget about the Popsicle man,
no, I never will forget,
no, I never
    The Awakening
Soon it was deep in December.  The snows began to fall, the skies were increasingly cloudy and dark, and Antica was still miles away.  Everyone could feel their internal clocks screaming at them, that it was now past time for the big sleep.  Even the guards were dragging themselves along.  By the end of December no one could go any further. The winds here in the north were cruel in their unrelenting bluster.  The snow was so deep that it was nearly impossible to hop.  The blizzard-like conditions made it difficult to see ahead.  Finally, Elmer acquiesced to the inevitable; they would have to stop and succumb to the big sleep.  He had failed in his mission; they would not reach Antica after all.
Through the blinding snow Elmer could see, about a hundred feet ahead, what appeared to be a cave.  He felt that if they could just make it to the cave they could sleep off the winter there, and no one would be in danger of freezing to death.  He announced:
"Follow me and we'll all be okay.
We m
    Bedtime Story
My life's been full of such happy things,
kisses and hugs and cute puppies.
Lizards and gerbils and things with wings,
small fishbowls with tiny guppies.
But what I still treasure most of all,
was bedtime stories with grandpa.
We'd read about creatures ten feet tall,
morphing into somebody's grandma!
My night-times were always exciting,
new worlds to explore, me and him.
The wonders of life so inviting,
sometimes we'd read two on a whim.
My time with my grandpa was fleeting,
I find myself musing 'bout him.
He taught me the true love of reading,
a love that will never grow dim.

Summertime!Oh joy, oh bliss, old man Winter is gone,
and the Spring has passed like a storm.
Summer's now here 'tis my season of fun,
for this I have lived and was born.
We'll laugh and play, watch our cares fade away,
and at night we'll sleep out of doors.
My animal friends will come here to stay,
we'll chase shadows out on the moor.
When Summer is gone the memories sway,
and help me get through the next Fall.
When Winter comes around I won't dismay,
next Summer I'll again have a ball!
Winky, blinky, stinky toad,
never bathed, or so I'm told!
When his friends would come to play,
his awful smell drove them away!
Till one day he met a girl,
his wretched stench just made her hurl!
He realized then his ways must mend,
if ever he would have a friend.
So one day he took a bath,
his favorite pond just down the path!
The girl he'd met the day before,
with waiting eyes did him adore.
And so you see the story ends,
with Winky clean and many friends.
But best of all he married her,
with little tads on the way.. of that you can be sure!
   King Winky and Lord Wort by tommyboywood

Winky and Salentia by tommyboywood    Elmer
I knew a toad named Elmer,
he liked a girl named Pat.
He wished that he could date her,
what do you think of that?
He thought that he should call her,
but he was kind of shy.
Of himself he was unsure,
He'd sit and pout and cry.
Until one day she called him,
it really made him smile!
It wasn't just a mere whim,
she'd loved him all the while.
Toads are a part of God's green earth,
their lives are on display.
Each year new tads are brought to birth,
respect their right to stay.
Remember, please, they share the land,
with all who live right here.
We've no right to force nature's hand,
and make them disappear.
We can, we must, all live in peace,
in this world we call our home.
The earth is not ours, we only lease,
from Him who made everyone!
                                                           My newest entry

Winky (Book 1 - excerpt)
Sometimes things happen in life.  A toad can go about
his day without giving much thought to tomorrow, busy
with the day's needs and concerns.  And then suddenly
life comes at him like a ton of bricks!  Now, Winky had
had some pretty shocking things happen to him in his
short life.  But the news Ralph had just delivered did
indeed hit him like a ton of bricks.  Nevertheless,
Winky's newfound status would never truly change who
and what he really was on the inside.  He was as genuine
as the sun, and as humble as the moon.
    Winky (Book 2 - excerpt)
"Oh Winky my dear, time to get up!
There's food on the table, tea in your cup.
The day is brand new, the air fresh and sweet.
The robins are out, for you they do tweet.
Come now my love, we'll tackle the day!
We'll leap over hurdles that stand in our way.
Together we're strong, alone we are weak.
We'll work hard as one, we'll dance cheek to cheek."

Winky opened his eyes and could see that the sun was beginning
to peek through the clouds.  He had heard every word that she
had said.  His heart beat strong with love for her, only her.
There were many fair maidens at the palace, but none of them
even came close to her radiant beauty.  He couldn't wait to
spend the rest of his life with her!
    Winky (Book 3 - excerpt)
"It seems to me our lives are rather dull,
we need new challenges to face.
Our enemies time has come to the full,
a li'l war should pick up the pace!"

To which Wort added:
"Yes, indeed, the time is now ripe,
to rock the kingdom of hawk!
I never, really, have been the type,
to placate a hawk with just talk."

No one at the palace could believe it!  
Had their madness moved them to now take
on the impossible?  Did they really
believe that they could accomplish what
King Chaz I had failed to accomplish so
long ago?
                                                       Squirmin' HermanI met a boy in science class nobody seemed to like.
His clothes were torn, his face unclean - sure wish he'd take a hike!
Teacher called upon his name and said: "Please define 'vermin.'"
He squirmed and squirmed there in his seat, now he's "Squirmin' Herman"!
Then one day I noticed that his seat was left unsat.
No one seemed to care and yet I wondered: "Where's he at?"
After class I asked the teacher if she knew his plight?
What she told me 'bout him keeps me crying every night!
Seems his mother left him when he was a child of two.
His father worked a stressful job and came down with the flu.
He had no health insurance and so tried to work it through,
sad to say he died last week and left poor Herman blue.

I decided on that very day I'd find that boy and then,
tell him that I'm sorry and that I want to be his friend.
Kids like Squirmin' Herman need assured that they're okay,
I'm hoping that I get that chance, tomorrow or today!

Lumpy bumpy grumpy toad,
always had a heavy load.
Hither thither he would walk,
no one dared engage in talk.
Silly willy nilly thing,
never laughed and wouldn't sing.
Here again there again till one day,
his heart did stop and there he lay.
Lumpy bumpy grumpy toad,
laid there dead right in the road.
There were none who stopped to pay,
a due respect to him that day.
Silly willy nilly thing,
why not laugh, why not sing?
Had no fun and wouldn't play,
how sad to think he lived that way!
    Apple Pie
I've heard it's been said that toads prefer flies,
that most like to eat bugs and things.
But I met one recently that eats only pies,
and occasionally apple dumplings.
Now I know you will say that it's hard to believe,
but I swear to you that it's true!
Yes, my apple pie toad (who I like to call Steve),
would gladly eat pie just for you.
It's true that he's gained a few pounds over time,
but it really doesn't matter you see.
'Cause my apple pie toad is mine, only mine,
he's so very special to me!
    Slo-mo (hip-hop) Joe
His name was Joe a toad in slo-mo
he been so po'
been laid so low
no way to know
his big bro Moe
would shoot his way a whole lotta dough...
Now ol' slo-mo Joe is po' no mo'
he's da toad to know
when ya gotta go
to da man ya owe
o' just to da sto'
he's always got whatcha lookin' fo'...
mmm hmmm... das right baby... he po' no' mo'... uh huh... he no mo' po'
Now if yo' po' don't fret no mo'
'cause slo-mo Joe
won't leave ya low
he loves ya so
and dat's fo' sho'
so don't get down put ya trust in Joe...
'cause ol' slo-mo Joe is no mo' po'
he's da toad to know
when ya gotta go
to da man ya owe
o' just to da sto'
yeah don't ya know dat slo-mo Joe gonna always have whatcha lookin' fo'...
yeah... he da man all right.... fo' sho' fo' sho'...he no mo' po'... mmm hmmm

Elan World (part 1 - The Awakening)
I woke up wet with morning dew 'twas clear some time had passed.
The last thing I remember I was ill and fading fast.
To my surprise I soon discovered wings upon my back.
"What is this place?" I wondered as I froze there in my tracks.
I gazed about and marveled at the beauty all around,
and everywhere I turned to I heard nature's rhythmic sounds.
I looked above and scanned the bluest sky I'd ever seen.
This awesome world I woke up in was surely just a dream.
I walked along a narrow path that edged a winding stream.
I wondered where it led to and what wondrous things I'd see.
The trail led through a hollow then into a forest thick.
Along the way I sang a tune, lush flowers I would pick.
The path came to a clearing as I pondered on my fate.
I wondered was it possible I stood at heaven's gate?
The woodland creatures came to me and bowed down at my feet.
I felt a love so soft and warm my heart was now replete.
A soft wind blew, I felt myself arise from off the ground.
The wings I'd
    A Maiden So Fair (short story)In an Asian land there once lived a maiden so fair that even the fiercest of the creatures of the forest would bow in her presence and acquiesce to her beauty and kindness.  Her name was Shen-davi, and she was no common maiden, but a little rani. Her father, Rajah Rav-davi, and her mother, Rani Avi-davi, loved their daughter with all their hearts, as she was their only child.  In time, the little rani became a young woman, and the valiant and brave young men of the land took notice.  When her season had finally arrived, her father arranged for a series of contests of strength and endurance for those who would vie for her hand.  Day after day Shen-davi would watch from her seat in the arena, as one victor after another would raise his head toward her, hoping for the sign that she would become his.  Now the sign was this: The winner was to raise his eyes toward hers, and if her eyes met his, they would become one.  But the young rani would not give the sign to any man, no, whether he was    The Price of RoyaltyThe little girl dreamed that perhaps one day
she'd be a princess and meet her Prince Charming.
But the truth in becoming a part of the fray,
is that governance can be quite disarming.
There are tasks to perform and duties that call
and sleepless nights are quite often the norm.
Yet to be by his side is to her worth it all,
together they would weather every storm.
But when bad targets good, the mighty may fall,
her burden then becomes too much to bear!
How could anyone presume to have the gall
to take away Prince Charming; was it fair?

The Hawk
"Run, run, run little toad,
vain is your attempt to flee.
I'm a hunter supreme,
I'm quick and I'm mean,
today you'll be supper for me."
"Away, away, away evil hawk,
you'll never catch up with me.
I'm fast for my size,
I'm agile and wise,
I'll not be dinner you'll see."
"Hide, hide, hide little toad,
fine vision was granted to me.
You'll not get away,
though try as you may,
I see you there under that tree."
"Try, try, try evil hawk,
a hole I have found so I'm free.
I'm smarter than you,
this refuge will do,
today I'm so glad to be me!"
    The toad that wouldn't leave
What a romp we've had the party was great,
the dancing, the song, and the cheer!
But right about now it's getting too late
for more food, more fun, and more beer.
Soon all the guests say their final goodbyes
and say thanks, give hugs, and the like.
The last two to leave are Sal and her guy,
time for cleanup, a bath, and goodnight.
As I climbed into bed I felt a strange bump,
it was warm, kinda lumpy, and weird.
I pulled down the sheets and here it was Hump,
a friend, an old buddy I'd hired!
Now look Hump I said the party's long done,
they've left, we've bathed, now we're tired.
Can't you see that it's now a quarter past one?
Time to go, take your leave, or you're fired!
I could see that my words were truly in vain,
his eyes closed, he went limp, and then snored.
I said to my wife let's not try again,
he'll sleep here, we'll sleep there, on the floor.
Wiggly squiggly splat,
the toad was way to fat.
High up on a ledge,
too close to the edge,
he fell over and squished a rat!

Thanks so much to everyone for reading and support!

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